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Balaji Single Point Diamond Dressers are made of selected diamonds, mounted in a matrix. Only one cutting edge is presented to the grinding wheel. Diamonds for Single Point Dressing Tools are selected for their structural strength, number of points, degrees of sharpness, and lack of determental flaws. The proper selection of size and quality appropriate for a given application required qualified judgement.
We offer four grade of diamonds for Single Point Dressers.
Brutted -"MA" Grade -Average.
Brutted -"MS" Grade -Superior.
Brutted -"MES" Grade -Extra Superior.
Natural Point -"GEM" Grade.
Balaji Diamond Dressing tools are used for dressing and truing all sizes of grinding wheels that are made of Silicon Carbide or Aluminum Oxide.
The Grinding Wheels are dressed and trued with the view to achieve the following objectives:
To remove "Blunt Grits" Clogged Surfaces and Foreign Substances from the grinding wheel to expose new and sharp grains and to enable the grinding wheel to grind the work piece properly and effectively
To obtain and maintain desired shapes or profiles on the grinding wheel
To restore the concentricity of the grinding wheel
Since Grinding techniques and equipment have so advanced during the past few decades tolerances of ± 0.001 are quite normal. In maintaining tolerances of this order Diamond dressing tools have become virtually indispensable.
Resetting Service is also available with us.
Single Point Diamond Dressers
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