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Cluster - Type Diamond Dressers Multipoint Indexable Crown - Type Diamond Dressers

Cluster Type Diamond Dressers
Balaji Cluster Type Diamond Dressers replace large single points. The clusters consist of 5. 7. 9. 12 small diamonds set in a variety of patterns for dressing larger or coarser and harder wheels. Since more than one diamond comes in contact with the wheel. the work load is divided. Also since smaller diamonds are less expensive per carat than large stones. cluster tools often effect important savings.
Size Ct.Wt. Dimensions
1.25 5/D
1.75 7/D
2.50 9/D
3.50 12/D
Multipoint Indexable Crown
Balaji Multipoint Indexable Crown diamond Dresser in which sharp natural diamonds are set in circular crown at right angle to the operating plane. As soon as the diamonds on the indexed position are completely used up, the crown can be readjusted on the shank for new points. Shanks for the crown are made to customer s' specification.

Application : All types of larger wheels, cylindrical & centreless grinders where fine truing is considered important. 
Advantages :

Since two or more diamonds come in contact with the wheel the work load on diamonds is divided and the diamonds last longer.
Complete use without maintenance.

A larger area of the wheel is dressed more efficiently in a relatively shorter time.

Finer finish is obtained on the wheel due to crystal shape of diamonds.
Can be used for side dressing.
Available in two sizes.

EM-24 with 24 Diamonds and EM-36 with 36 Diamonds.
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