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Balaji Diamond Turning & Boring Tools are widely used for precision turning and boring of non-ferrous materials like Aluminum, Magnesium, Gold, Silver, Titanium, White, Metal, Bronze, Zinc, Brass, Copper, Gun Metal, Plastics, Hard Rubber, Vulcanite, Asbestos, Ceramics, Graphite, Sintered Carbides and other abrasive materials.  

A high accurate mirror finish can be obtained during turning facing, boring and fly-cutting. The tool shape and the size of the shank are varied according to the application and the machine employed. Special tools are also manufactured according to the customer's drawings and specifications.
Please note Natural Diamond Tools are not used on Ferrous metals.
STYLE A (Right hand tool shown)
STYLE B (Right hand tool shown)
Boring Tools - Round Shank
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