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Balaji Diamond Lapping Compounds are manufactured from pure accurately graded diamond powders and are evenly distributed in a chemical base to ensure quick cutting action and longer operational life. You get incredibly brilliant finish on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. cemented carbide cutting tools. cavities of plastics moulds. wire drawing dies. watch cases. calendar rolls. metallurgical and geological specimens etc. Each grade of the compound is of a different colour which allows immediate identification for the job involved.
Product Range
Code Size Micron Size Colour Type Applications
JB -1 0 -1/4 Terrocota Super fine Micro finish
JB -2 0 -1/2 Yellow Extra Fine Mettallographic finish Micro fine Polish
JB -3 0-2 Rose Fine Mirror Polish
JB -4 2-5 Green Medium Mirror Polish
JB -5 5-8 Blue Medium Good fast Polish
JB -6 8-10 Orange Medium Fast Polish
JB -7 10-20 Aquamarine Coarse Super finishing and lapping
JB -8 20-40 White Extra Coarse Rapid Stock removal and generation of Uniform face
JB -9 40-60 Grey Super Coarse Uniform stock Removal
JB -10 60-80 Dark Yellow Extra Super Coarse High Stock Removed
JB -11 80-100 Dark Blue Extra Super Coarse High Stock Removed
Applications :
Metal Working
General production compo-nents, mechanical seals, bearing seats & pivots,ceramic components, fuel injection valves hydraulic & pneumatic components, pump glands, etc. 
Tool Rooms
Press tools, tablet punches, test blocks, gauges, plastic moulds, slide surface, etc. 
Wire drawing
Tungsten carbide dies, rolls, guides, etc. Electronics -Semi-Conductor wafers, laser rods. tape heads, computer memory discs, radar tracking discs, etc.
Contact lens moulds, stainless steel mirrors, perspex prisms, etc. 
Metallurgical, Geological and Refractory specimens, Crystallo-graphy, Fibre optics, etc. 
Pump faces, valve seats, spinnerets, wear blocks, etc. 
Seal plates of jet engines, hydraulic valves, spacers, etc. 
Ship building
Diesel injector valves, pump glands & seal faces, aluminum mirrors, etc.
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