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Balaji Diamond Files are available in different shapes and are recommended for machining carbide or hardened'steel moulds. Grit size is recommended according to the required surface finish. They offer numerous possibilities for tool making and in mechanical engineering production - not only for finishing of work pieces, but also for forming of shaped sections in hard metals and hard plastics.

Balaji electroplated diamond files are all-purpose tools for the mould and die instrument, gauge and tool-making industries. They give faster and more economical stock removal on both hardened and tough unhardened steels and on carbides, and eliminate distortion due to work hardening as well as scratch buildup and cutting, forming and drawing tools.

Standard Shapes
Balaji diamond files are manufactured in a state-of-the-art plant, incorporating automatic process control and unique plating technology. This ensures that each file has the highest cutting capacity and long tool life. 
Balaji diamond files are used for machining hardened steels and unhardened steels or unhardened high-alloy steels; rough and fully-sintered carbides, ferrite, carbon, graphics, FRP, ceramics, hard plastics glass etc.,

Best results are obtained by using these files with light contact pressure. The protusion and uniformly high concentration of the diamond grit on the file surface ensures smooth, free-cutting action and high depth of cut. Increased cutting pressure is not recommended, and should be avoided as it does not result in higher rate of material removal. The file can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush after use.

Standard Dimension
Overall length 
Shank diameter 
Diamond Coated Length
Grit Sizes
Coarse 80/100
Medium 140/170
Fine 200/230
Standard Shapes
Short Straight Files - DLA Type
Long Straight Files - DLA Type
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